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Total (Incl. GST)$ 85.80
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Total (Incl. GST)$ 85.80

Stickers Outdoor UV Vinyl

Our waterless press uses light-fast UV-cured inks which, when combined with our outdoor vinyl, produce a high-quality sticker with vibrant colours that will not fade when exposed to the elements.

Excellent adhesion to most substrates makes them perfect for bumper stickers, decorative vehicle stickers, door safety stickers and the like. The bulk outdoor vinyl sticker on the Sunshine Coast

Furthermore, our high gloss vinyl stock resists shrinkage, has good dimensional stability and, based on Australian exposure conditions, is rated for durability in vertical exposure for up to three years. 


Tiny (25x75)100$ 85.80
250$ 128.70
500$ 157.30
1000$ 250.25
2000$ 479.05
3000$ 679.25
4000$ 800.80
5000$ 915.20
6000$ 1,001.00
7000$ 1,115.40
8000$ 1,215.50
9000$ 1,344.20
10000$ 1,472.90
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