In an age where a click of a mouse can deliver any business cards, it is refreshing to know that you can still receive quality business cards at a great price. Our luxury range is a true 420gsm stock, the thickest and best quality on the market. This ensures that when you present your business card to a potential client, they can feel straight away that you have not skimped on quality. idprint believes very strongly that a business card is a reflection of the business presenting the business card. Thin, almost paper cards available widely on the net do not cut it in this very competitive world.


Imagine trying to tender for a contract or new business. Imagine you are one of several potential suppliers that have a meet and greet with the business. You hand over your business card that you bought through a very large on-line printer. You thought you saved a few bucks, bought 250 business cards for free, just paid for the postage. They arrived in about a week and a half, thinner that what you expected, but still thought ok, got them cheap, and all they are needed for is my name & contact details. If they stayed in your wallet or purse for any extended time, what are they like when you pulled them out and gave them to a potential client? Ink rubbed and smudged? Furry and torn?

You have probably paid about $30 for 250 of these cheap business cards, equating to $120 per 1,000. Our most popular luxury business cards, printed in industry leading 420gsm stock, with a protective gloss cello over the front, and free black text on the back is only $99 per 1,000!!

Why settle for anything else?


Celloglaze or laminated finishes on business cards have several purposes:

First, they do make cards pop with the gloss cello option or silky and luxurious with the matt cello option.

Second, coatings allow cards to have a longer life. Business cards, like all things, suffer from wear and tear. When they sit in a wallet, or in a car's glovebox, they move about and the ink gets worn. Also, the paper stock of the business card can also become fury.

Coatings help reduce the wear and tear of the business card by protecting the ink, and protecting the paper stock. They also have another advantage; the coating help 'stiffen' the paper stock and make the card feel 'more substantial'.

So, when you order your business cards, you might want to think about a coating. Pictures and photos can POP and become brighter with the gloss cello option or the luxury silky feel of the double sided matt cello coating, and your business card will have a longer shelf-life.

Who knows when you may need to jot down a message or a quote? Our gloss business cards are still the industry darling for every situation. Featuring unrivalled protection on the front and a UV cured back, they are perfect for those who like to write on their business cards