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Total (Incl. GST) :$ 202.40
Total (Incl. GST) :$ 202.40
ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Employee Cards, Membership cards printed on PVC 0.76 - White

ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Employee Cards, Membership Cards

Printed on Premium PVC 0.76 - White

We offer a wide range of products on our premium 0.76mm white PVC, perfect for clients who are after a long-lasting product, without a premium cost.

Our extended range of extras includes embossed or foiled numbering (available in black, gold, silver, or white), a matt laminate, Spot UV, variable data, signature panels, magnetic strips (Lo-Co is perfect for temporary cards and Hi-Co is the way to go for frequently swiped cards) and a 5mm punched hole. Check out how to set up your artwork for each extra, as well as which extras are available or FREE per product here.

BONUS We've thrown in double-sided full-colour print free of charge! Now you will not need to pay any extra to have your design shine on both sides.

Standard Turn Around timing approx.: 12 working days from 10am cut off


Business Card: At a standard size of 85.5x54mm with 3mm rounded corners, our PVC cards are the perfect membership or loyalty card option and they are also a great long-lasting business card choice, made to stick around. Also available with the addition of one or two key tags.

Key Tags:
The perfect way to keep your brand front of mind, because after all no one leaves their house without their keys! Our Key Tags are available in a three-pack or in a combo with a business card or luggage tag.

The perfect way to take any VIP or expo pass to the next level. Available in two sizes (70x100mm & 90x130mm) & including a punch hole, our PVC card for lanyards will have you sorted.

Gift card & Hanger:
A match made in heaven; this complete POS solution allows you to add that little extra marketing onto a hanging gift card. This combo includes a POS Hole, made to suit all shopping centre hanging options.

Luggage Tag:
Our durable PVC means that your luggage tags will last through the knocks of a normal travel trip. At a standard size of 85.5 x 54mm & with transparent strap included, they’re the perfect way to personalise a bag.

Combos: Please note that for 'combo' cards, the same variable data or numbering set can be included on both sections for the one fee.

Luggage Tag & 2 Keytag Combo100$ 493.35
200$ 511.06
250$ 523.71
300$ 549.01
400$ 560.40
500$ 585.70
1000$ 747.62
2000$ 1,244.76
2500$ 1,340.90
3000$ 1,533.18
4000$ 1,944.31
5000$ 2,269.41
6000$ 2,642.59
7000$ 3,191.60
8000$ 3,614.11
9000$ 4,064.45
10000$ 4,163.12
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Standard 85.5 x 54 - 3mm100$ 202.40
200$ 208.73
250$ 212.52
300$ 215.05
400$ 217.58
500$ 221.38
1000$ 335.23
2000$ 632.50
2500$ 777.98
3000$ 923.45
4000$ 1,125.85
5000$ 1,163.80
6000$ 1,429.45
7000$ 1,682.45
8000$ 1,948.10
9000$ 2,213.75
10000$ 2,352.90
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