Understanding about image files for your artwork is really important as it will affecting the outcome of your prints. Using the right type for the right job means your design will come out perfectly how you intended. Using the wrong format could mean a bad print.

Therefore we’re breaking it down to everything you need to know about image file types. We have categorised the image files into 2 categories - bitmap file and vector files. Each category has its own specific uses.

Bitmap file It’s a type of pixel based image are best used for non-line art images - specifically digitised photographs, online / web image or detailed graphics which sometimes include subtle gradation, and complex composition. As Bitmap is a pixel based image, it exist at one size.

Meaning when you transform the size of a bitmap image, you stretch each of the pixels which can result in a ‘pixelated’ or blurry image (bad result). Below is the format of the bitmap files :

File Format
Best Used For
Do Not Used For

.GIF :
commonly used as a website image, specifically for animated graphics like a website ads, email newsletters, etc.. .


animated image for your website, image with transparency background, or static image with a small file size.


high quality photographic / image, image for prints.

is a type of most widely used formats online, typically for for photos, website ads and graphics.


online photos / artwork as it can be compressed to have a small file size which is good for website load speed or a a high resolution photos with low compression.


an image needs a transparent background. Or you need to send a workable / editable file with layers.

stands for Portable Network Graphics. File format most suitable for a high quality image with a transparency background.


high quality transparent web / online graphics, small file size image.


prints (better use JPG /JPEG)

an extremely high quality image format, mostly used in photography and desktop publishing.



printing photos for it’s extremely high quality photo.


website / online graphics as it will slow down your page load.

standard photoshop file format, created in photoshop a fully workable / editable file with layers.

providing an editable file, design mock up, online digital images.


prints or online website graphic.


File is a non pixel based file and also not dependant to a resolution - meaning when you resize your image smaller or larger you will not lose any details or gets blurry.

Vector files are mostly used for logos, icons, illustrations, and more. The best software to create a vector file is adobe illustrator or Corel Draw.

Below is the format of the vector files :

File Format

Best Used For

Do Not Used For


.PDF :
stands for Portable Document Format, it is an image format to display documents for any devices, software applications, operating system or web browser.

print ready file
, also for downloadable documents on the web.


preparing an editable design as PSD, EPS or Ai will be the best for editable file.

.EPS :
stands for Encapsulated Post Script. Mostly used for vector format, however it can also include both vector and bitmap.


vector logo for any resolution.


photography or image related.

.Ai :
stands for Adobe Illustrator (adobe software) - primarily for vector format and can be exported to any kind of file format - JPG/JPEG, PNG, GIF,TIFF, PSD, etc.. .


edit vector artwork, creating a logo or illustrations.


edit image or photograph


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