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Multi-layered Business Cards or Triplex Business Cards.

This multi-layered business card is an exquisite way to impress your client. As people say, first impressions are the most important in any business.

Need to only carry one or two business cards but want to blow your clients away in a jealous fit when you hand it to them? Well, our new Encore range uses MultiLoft technology to create a truly unique layered business card on the Sunshine Coast, triple layered with colour right through the core. Choose from 5 of our standard colours, Black Licorice, Wild Cherry, Blu Raspberry, Pacific Breeze, or Orange Fizz. The 32Pts option is 0.8mm thick equivalent to 600gsm, one of the thickest super premium business cards in Australia. 
The white stock on the outside has a very high white point, pure and crisp. excellent option for welcoming place cards for Sunshine Coast weddings. Just leave a space to handwrite your guest's name and you can have a beautiful little wedding keepsake for your wedding guests.

Kraft and Pearl are also available in our Encore range, however, colour can only be added to the centre of the card by choosing 46 or 60pts. Please note: A 32pt Kraft or Pearl card will be a consistent colour throughout.

Standard (90 x 55)150$ 128.04
200$ 147.84
250$ 165.72
300$ 184.69
400$ 208.73
500$ 246.68
1000$ 411.13
2000$ 815.93
3000$ 1,201.75
4000$ 1,568.60
5000$ 1,973.40
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Standard (90 x 55)150$ 132.00
200$ 151.80
250$ 170.78
300$ 189.75
400$ 215.05
500$ 253.00
1000$ 417.45
2000$ 822.25
3000$ 1,214.40
4000$ 1,581.25
5000$ 1,998.70
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