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Our A-Frame signs are printed with Full Colour Digital Print and Lamination can have any design printed in full colour on both sides. We also laminate the A-Frame signs so they are easy to clean and last longer. We do not charge for different images on the same A-Frame so why pay more?
Our A frame signs include a 3mm thick aluminium composite panel on both sides which provides a strong and flat base for the signage, most other brands only use a thin 0.80mm colour bond which can become wavy and affect the appearance of the signage.
Waterproof and designed for outdoor use with plastic insert hard wearing feet
We can print full-colour photos or any design you like, get your logo & business out there
Great way to attract new customers into your store
Light enough to carry, yet heavy enough not to blow over
Includes printing on both sides
Sturdy powder coated metal frame with solid proper metal handle
Strong 3mm Aluminium composite panel on both sides
A-Frames can be reprinted by changing the panels, why pay for another A-Frame Sign? 
Stylish appearance with no visible fixings
Packed Weight: 900mm x 600mm = 9 kgs


As a marketing solution, A Frames developed by Sunshine Coast Printing company, Idprint are ideal for high foot traffic areas, the A-Frame Sunshine Coast features a 900 x 600mm metal, colour bond face, powdered black frame and cast iron handle. It has detachable metal sheet faces made of a white, colour bond, which is then coated in a UV resistant laminate, making it a very sturdy advertising product for all environments. With a 2 year warranty on both the face and the frame, you'll have peace of mind that you're buying a quality product. Why pay extra for an interstate company or printed by a Franchisee? Online pricing and ordering with free templates make ordering A-Frame signs a snap

Finished size of 450 x 600 this small but mighty A-Frame is the perfect signage tool for those who are constantly on the move and highly sort after by real estate agents.

The 600 x 900mm face, if perfect existed, then this A-Frame is it. The happy medium between small and large, perfect for your everyday advertising needs. 

The large 900 x 1200 A-Frame is the perfect size for high foot traffic areas. With attached wheels, these A-Frames are sturdy but very easily transported. This A-Frame is made to stand out. 

600 x 900 mm1$ 195.00
2$ 383.90
3$ 548.90
4$ 733.70
5$ 907.50
6$ 1,098.90
7$ 1,283.98
8$ 1,467.40
9$ 1,650.83
10$ 1,834.25
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900 x 1200 mm1$ 404.80
2$ 783.04
3$ 1,129.65
4$ 1,397.83
5$ 1,671.07
6$ 1,999.97
7$ 2,313.69
8$ 2,631.20
9$ 2,948.72
10$ 3,266.23
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Download free templates to assist you in creating your file.

600 x 900 mm